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Alka Brass Inserts


Welcome to the website of Alka Brass inserts India.We are a one stop shop for all your Brass inserts needs. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Brass inserts Brass moulding Inserts manufacturing company from Jamnagar Gujarat india Specializing in Brass nuts, Brass fittings, Brass Screws, Brass fasteners, Brass components,  Bass  parts etc.

Our range of   Brass Screws, Brass Nuts, Brass Components , Brass spacers, Brass standoffs , Brass lock nuts, Brass fasteners and Brass Machine screws is exported worldwide.  We are known in Jamnagar fraternity for our focus on quality, timely deliveries and professionalism in our all over work. We are a second generation company in to Brass components manufacturing in Jamnagar and we have cut our teeth on serving discerning markets of USA and Europe.

Jamnagar has been known as the 'Brass Parts Brass Inserts' center of the world. We have ready infrastructure to make all sorts of Brass inserts Brass nuts turned parts Brass forgings Brass Machined parts Brass water Tank connectors fasteners Anchor and Brass pressed Components.
Our zeal for quality and perfection has helped us to reach new pinnacles every year and we have grown at 38 % cumulatively since past many years. We have our own Brass rod manufacturing plant which offers price competitiveness. Our 3 Engineers round the clock ensure impeccable quality for our discerning customers from UK Germany USA Australia Canada  etc.
Our forte is in Brass Inserts Brass  inserts, Brass moulding inserts , Brass PPR inserts , Brass self tapping inserts, Brass Fittings, Brass hex nuts ,Brass fasteners, Brass Helical Inserts ,Brass Knurled Inserts ,Brass washers, Brass Press inserts etc